The Motion Sickness Patch

The Transderm-Scop, commonly known as the motion sickness patch or simply 'the patch', is one of the most popular motion sickness medications and probably the most commonly prescribed medication for those worried about sea sickness while on a cruise.

There's no doubt that the patch is highly effective for many people. Some report that it is the only thing that has ever helped relieve their motion sickness. However, this is a serious medication and it is important to be aware of the possible side effects as they can be quite scary if you are badly affected. By all means try the patch, but do so on the basis of an informed decision and under the care of a doctor.

What is the Motion Sickness patch?

The Transderm-Scop (active ingredient: Scopolamine) is a medicated patch that looks like a band-aid and is the size of a small coin. It slowly releases medication (over a 72 hour period), which is absorbed into the body through the skin. The patch is quite discreet and is normally applied to the hairless skin behind the ear, although I've seen people wearing them on the side of the neck and even on the face. I've heard of fashion conscious women wearing them hidden away on their hip, however I am unsure whether this is medically recommended.

The Transderm-Scop Motion Sickness PatchTransderm-Scop Motion Sickness Patch

The patch's big plus point is that for most people it works better than Bonine and Dramamine, while not making them as drowsy. Likely side effects of the patch are dry mouth and mild dizziness, but many are understandably willing to put up with this. Much more serious is the possibility of disorientation and hallucinations that a minority of people will suffer. Additionally, I've spoken to several people who have found that the severity of the side effects increases the more they use the patch.

How is the patch used?

The motion sickness patch must be applied several hours before you expect to be exposed to motion, in order to give the medication time to be absorbed into your body. It is strongly advisable, however, to apply the patch 24 hours in advance, in order to discover how you react to it. Should you suffer side effects, then you can decide how to deal with them while you are still on firm ground.

The patch can be extremely effective when used properly. It sounds obvious, but if your patch isn't working for you, do check that you have applied it properly and, in particular, that you have removed the protective peel-off backing! Take special care when applying and removing the patches, washing your hands thoroughly to remove any medication residue. It is especially important not to touch your eyes with residue on your fingers, as this will cause your pupils to dilate giving your very blurred vision. When you remove the patch, be sure to clean the area where it was applied with soap and water, otherwise any residue left on the skin will continue to be absorbed.

The motion sickness patch comes in a single 'one size fits all' dose and I've met several people - usually petite women - who find using the whole patch too overwhelming, and therefore cut it in half, and use half at a time. I've also heard of people covering a section of the patch with a strip of band-aid or tape. I can't advise on whether this is a good or bad thing to do, but as medications should generally be used as directed I strongly suggest you consult your doctor before trying this.

If the patch delivers too big a dose, then consider taking Scopace pills instead. Scopace contains the same active ingredient as the motion sickness patch (Scopolamine), but in smaller, more flexible doses.

Update: It appears Scopace (Transderm Scop in pill form) has been discontinued and is no longer available - try other medications with the same active ingredient (Hyoscine Hydrobromide) instead.

What are the patch's possible side effects?

The motion sickness patch is associated with a number of side effects, the most common of which is blurred vision (the manufacturer of Transderm-Scop estimates that some 60% of those using the patch will experience this). Another common side effect is dry mouth and, for some, an unpleasant taste in the mouth. For most people the patch is non-drowsy (as noted above, this is a major reason that it is so popular), however the pay-off is that some people experience restlessness and even insomnia. More severe side effects (experienced by an estimated 10-15% of those using the patch) include confusion and disorientation. I've heard of cases where the patch has made people so dizzy and disorientated that they can't stand. In extreme cases the patch has been associated with hallucinations and psychosis. There is also the possibility of allergic reactions. Obviously it is important in these cases to remove the patch (remembering to thoroughly clean the underlying area) and seek urgent medical attention.

There seems to be evidence that elderly people are more likely to suffer severe side effects from using the motion sickness patch. The patch is not approved for use by children. Avoid alcohol while using the patch as it is likely to amplify any side effects.

What are the possible withdrawal symptoms from the Transderm-Scop patch?

Those who use multiple motion sickness patches (i.e. for a duration of more than 72 hours) have an increased chance of suffering withdrawal symptoms around 24 - 48 hours after removing the final patch. This can include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety and palpitations, and headaches. Both side effects and withdrawal symptoms appear to get worse for each subsequent period that the patch is used. Those who suffer withdrawal symptoms generally comment that the relief from motion sickness wasn't worth paying the price of the withdrawal symptoms.


Dennis N. on August 27th 2012:
Hello :) I was taking the Transderm Scop in pill form but now I hear that they stop making it in pill form. It was working great for me, but now I'm trying the patch and it doesn't work as good for me.

I like to know where can I find the pill so I don't get sick every weekend.
Please help.

Lucy @ replies:

Thanks for getting in touch, I hadn't heard about the Transderm Scop being withdrawn in pill form. Is this in the US? I'll try to find out more.

Meanwhile, the best thing, as always, is to consult your medical professional. Were your Transderm Scop pills prescribed by your doctor? He or she should be able to tell you exactly what the situation is.

Sorry not to be of more help.

Lucy @ replies:

I've done some research, and unfortunately Scopace (the Transderm Scop in pill form) does indeed appear to have been discontinued. There are suggestions that Scopace simply wasn't profitable enough for the manufacturers :-(

Regarding other sea sickness medications, it may be worth asking your doctor about alternatives using the same active ingredient (Hyoscine Hydrobromide). Brand names include Joy-Rides, Kwells and Travel Calm.

Further than that I'm sorry but I simply can't advise. This is for two reasons - firstly I'm not a qualified medical practitioner, and secondly what works for one person may or may not work for another.

I would, however, urge you to try the various natural and herbal remedies first and then - if nothing helps - graduate onto trying each of the motion sickness medications in turn under the supervision of your doctor.

Good luck with finding what works for you.
MaryB on November 9, 2012:
I think I got some of the medication in my eye, how long will it take for the effects on my pupil to wear off? I woke up this morning with 2 different size pupils and blurry vision from a patch that I used yesterday around noon. Thanks

Lucy @ replies:

MaryB, I haven't experienced this issue myself, but from what I've heard the blurry vision passes in a couple of days, and has no long-term effects. Having said that, if you are worried or the vision issues don't resolve themselves in 48 hours or so then I would strongly urge you to get a qualified medical opinion.
MaryB on November 12, 2012:
Thank you for your reply. The effects lasted about 2 days, and I no longer have any issues. Thank you again... Mary
Ed on March 11, 2013:
Thanks for the helpful information. I had the patch on for 3 days, then put a new one on. Within a couple hours the extra dose blurred my vision to the point I could not read at all. I usually have 20/20 vision, so it was startling. It's been over 48 hours now with no improvement. Tomorrow I'll see my Dr. if still the same. Not at all worth the side-effects which are quite scary.
Lori on April 15, 2013:
I had severe withdrawl symptoms that took me to emergency care. Tremmors, dizziness, headache, all severe. It has been 4 days and I am still not feeling well. The patch worked great for the cruise but the after-effects are not worth it!!!
New York Gal on June 2, 2013:
I am an older person. The patch did its job, but sometimes I had trouble sleeping and my scalp got itchy. Worst of all was that, after using it for 17 days I had a horrible psychological withdrawal symptom. For almost 5 days I was severely depressed/anxious. It passed but never again! It was scary, though I knew it would probably pass and it did.
Mainegirl on November 4, 2013:
I recently used the Transderm-Scop on an 8 day cruise. It helped with the motion sickness, but the side effects were frightening: Parkinson-like tremors, blurry vision, moderate confusion manifested by short-term memory alterations. And then 2 days after disembarking and removing the 3rd and final patch, I developed disabling nausea which has plagued me for a week now and has made it impossible for me to stand and move about. I will NEVER again use this medication and urge others not to do so either.
Melanie on January 25, 2014:
I was prescribed the patch shortly before my husband and I were set to leave for our first cruise. I applied the first patch the morning we were set to leave port and experienced no issues that day. The following I began experiencing motion sickness issues that continued to plague me for the duration of the cruise (8 days). I used a total of 3 patches during my trip. About a day after removing the last patch, I woke up feeling really weak, dizzy and nauseous. My vision would blur when I tried to focus and read anything. I had to call in sick to work, thinking it was residual seasickness. I figured a day of rest and I would be good to go. Not the case at all. I am now on the 5th day and still experiencing dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and shortness of breath when walking across the house. I have no choice but to go to work Monday as I can't afford to miss any more work, but I am dreading it. I called the doctor and learned that what I was suffering was withdrawal from the patch. They said there was nothing to do but wait it out. Supposedly the medication should have been out of my system 8 hours after the patch was removed. The withdrawal symptoms, however, are horrible. I understand that many are able to use the patch with no problems, but this medication is poison to my system and I will never again use this product. It makes me wonder now if it was even responsible for my sickness during the trip.
Kerry on April 6, 2014:
I have used the patch twice for two cruises in recent years and it was very effective (I tend to get very motion sick) during the cruise, but the withdrawal symptoms are terrible.
If you google this issue, many people suffer serious withdrawal side effects. We just booked another cruise for next year and I am researching alternatives (this is a helpful website!) because I do not want to go through that again. Please post this so that people who are looking at the patch know what they are potentially getting into. My own doctor had not heard of this withdrawal effect and the maker of the medicine does not do enough to warn against it. It can debilitate you for a week or more - not worth it.
Trisha on May 31, 2014:
After my first cruise I had severe withdrawal symptoms. Nausea, dizziness, fatigue for 10 days. Just returned from my second cruise and left the patch on for four days after we returned per my doctor's advice. Felt so-so all week then I crashed at work. Sweaty, light headed and nausea overwhelmed me. Never again will I use this patch! Day 2 with the above symptoms. User beware!!!!!
Gayle on June 19, 2014:
Thank you all for your input, into what you have experienced with these patches. My Dr suggested this to me, however he has not told me about any side effects. What I have learned today though your posts has made up my mind and I will not be getting any patches. Has anyone had any good experiences with other medication, I take stemitel but that makes me very sleepy.
Kate on August 1, 2014:
Have used the patch twice with excellent results after repeated efforts with every other remedy were ineffective. If you can't rely on Dramamine, Bonine, Sea Bands or other homeopathic remedies to quell your motion sickness, then the patch is truly worth a try. Typically people with bad experiences tend to post more often, but they are the rare exception in terms of overall experience of this product.
Candi on October 2, 2014:
I have used the patches on several cruises, works great during the cruise. But each time after removing the patch at the end of the cruise on the 2nd or 3rd day I become very ill. Worst motion sickness ever. This was the last time using the patch, as being this ill for a week or more is not worth it! I'll take my chances without it.
Julie L. on November 15, 2014:
I had the patch placed yesterday before a digital procedure because I tend vomit post op from GA.
I immediately got dizzy but figured it was because of nothing to eat for so long. Later that afternoon I got disoriented, dizzy, double vision, inability to see things close up, flushed hot red face, trouble speaking and thinking. I looked it up and realized this was most likely the patch. I removed it and it has been off about 13 hours and I am still having all the side effects. Does anyone know how to get this medicine quickly out of your system. Miserable enough from the surgery, sure wasn't expecting to get sick from something the anaesthesiologists said would help me. They never told me about any side effect of the patch only that it would keep me from being nauseous. Anyone have any tips for this? Would be greatly appreciated.
donna on November 20, 2014:
Had a virus that settled in the balancing nerves in my ear causing terrible vertigo. The patch was great at first but I had to use it for an extended amount of time. During this time I had terrible tremors, speech disorganization, odd gait, headache, vision disturbances and fatigue. After removing the patch the dizziness is back. Luckily a friend offered a medication called vertigoheel. It has helped with the dizziness. I just hope the symptoms don't get worse.
Martha on January 7, 2015:
I used the patch on a cruise and had side effects which included being very sleepy, feeling sort of like I could barely move my arms, urinating frequently and with pain, and loss of coordination. I was afraid to take it off, because I did not want to be sea sick. Now that I am home, I have had extremely painful cramps, vomiting, shaking, and tingling with paralysis in my arms and hands. The withdrawal symptoms began about 24 hours after removing the patch and I am feeling much better now after 48 hours of withdrawal symptoms.
Rita on February 20, 2015:
I am so sorry to hear of all the troubles people have had with the patch. I have used it on many cruises (3 and 7 day) and never had any severe reactions. Maybe a little dry mouth but that's it. The benefits far out weigh any negative side effects for me - and I get motion sickness from making a u-turn in a car! Planning on using it again this summer on a 7 day cruise!
Mike on March 5, 2015:
Sorry to hear of some of the folks here having issues when using the patch. One of the first Cruises I went on I had to use the patch. The 3rd day into the cruise we hit a storm so bad that more than half the cruise performers, as well as some of the crew, got sick. I started getting nauseous and had to lay down just after lunch. I ended up applying the patch about 1 hour before dinner. My wife checked up on me, during the dinner service, and said that our waiter suggested eating some apple slices. She asked if the patch was helping and I said actually I was feeling better even before eating the apple slices. I ended up getting up and dressed and going to the end of the dinner service and even ate desert. The rest of the evening I felt great and the patch actually did its job. The rough seas lasted a couple days and I did not experience any more motion sickness the rest of the trip. I am sold on the patch. Will not go on a cruise without it and even used it on a 2nd cruise with no issue or side effects at all. This worked great for me and I will definitely use the patch the next time I go deep sea fishing, as every time I attempt to do this I end up very nauseous and unable to fish the entire time. I've tried Bonine, Dramamine and nothing worked for me when going deep sea fishing. I'll definitely try this since it worked so well for the rough seas during my cruises.
Adam on March 10, 2015:

I used this working offshore for a period of about 10-12 days replacing the patch as was described by the instructions. The patch did prevent my motion sickness. During the use, my pupils became extremely dilated and I was unable to focus my vision or read. Furthermore mental concentration became more difficult.

Upon returning onshore and removing the patch the withdrawal symptoms started. This included extreme dizziness, vomiting, nausea, head-aches, sweating, speech disorganization. These effects lasted upwards of 2 months making it extremely difficult to work. This patch should not be used in any circumstance. This is coming from a healthy 25 year old male, so I could only imagine the effects on others.
Keturah on March 31, 2015:
Was giving the patch prior to surgery. 3-27-2015. From day One, I had blurry vision. Removed patch yesterday, 3-30-2015, still have blurred vision and now experiencing dry mouth. Can not drive my car or ride in a vehicle due to getting extremely dizzy. Will try Dramamine to see if it helps with these issues. I have read that it helps with most of the post-patch problems.
Julie on April 5, 2015:
I have used the patch on 2 different occasions and haven't had any problem. When you get as sick as I do and nothing else works this is a God send!
John Doe on April 14, 2015:
For those of you who have had blurry vision, how long did it take before your eye sight was back to normal?
Mary on April 14, 2015:
I am so glad to see these posts. I was getting very scared of what was happening to me. I used the patch for a 5 day cruise and it worked wonderful. I took off the patch and the next day I was extremely dizzy, bad headache, and blurred vision. Just hope the side effects go away soon!
Nicole on April 18, 2015:
I was prescribed the patch due to an inner ear imbalance to correct my vertigo. The only symptom I've had is the blurry vision and it has been frightening. I took the first patch off after two days but the dizziness returned so I cut the second patch into fourths and am trying that. Has anyone else had success with cutting the patch and the blurry vision going away?
Ashley on April 19, 2015:
Just returned for a week long cruise and used two patches during the duration. After getting out of the shower I removed the final patch and without thinking immediately put in my contact lenses. Not certain if medication touched my eyes directly but within five minutes my pupils dilated and my vision became blurred. I am on day 4 of blurred vision and headaches. I am unable to wear my contact lenses or focus my vision. I cannot read fine print or drive a vehicle due to my vision impairment. I should mention that I am a healthy 29 year old female and I would severely caution anyone against taking this medication... the risk just isn't worth it!
mike summers on April 28, 2015:
I have used the patch for the last nine months after a stroke causing vertigo. Has anyone developed a rash from using patch over an extended period of time to the point of when putting it on a rash appears as welts?
Jo Anne Torkildson on May 18, 2015:
I just returned from a 12 day cruise, where I used the patch the whole time. I didn't get seasick, but I did have side effects of dizziness, drowsiness, and dry mouth. Thought it was worth it. Upon discontinuing use, 12 hours later started severe withdrawal symptoms, just like severe motion sickness: dizziness, nausea, unable to do anything but sit still or sleep. I've read in other websites the suggestion that using meclazine during this time will help it pass more quickly, which I'm going to try. I never would have used this patch if I had known this would happen. Not worth it!!
Annabelle on May 21, 2015:
I used a transdermal patch prior to surgery and postoperatively as well, I used 3 patches over the course of 2 weeks. I have had continued bouts of nausea and vomiting for 5 weeks now, after stopping the patch. As the patch did its job postoperatively, never again will I use it. The horrible nausea for weeks is not worth the few times I may have vomited post op.
Katie on May 21, 2015:
I am incredibly prone to motion sickness, and often get it even on short car rides. I have tried dramamine/bonine and it is not worth the fact that I feel like a zombie for 24 hours. Tried the patch when we flew to Uganda (24 hours total of flying) and it worked great. I had mild blurred vision while using it but that went away within a day of taking it off. Otherwise I had no side effects. It is now my go-to motion sickness drug. If you get horrible motion sickness like I do, I think it's at least worth a try because it has the potential to make your life so much easier when you travel.
Sharon on May 26, 2015:
I am a diagnosed vertigo patient, I take a Meclizine tablet daily, have for 25 years. I've used the patch for cruises with excellent results and no withdrawal. When I was on the patch I discontinued use of the Meclizine, which is basically Dramamine. After the cruise I continued the Meclizine. Maybe that is why I didn't have the withdrawal. So maybe, a week or two of behind the counter Meclizine would help others through that period.
I have an upcoming cruise that I am going on with two of my sisters. I am 59, my sisters are 68 and 73. They have never used the patch before. They both have other medicines that they take daily. Does anyone have issues with older age, or medicines that interact?
LIsa on June 11, 2015:
I was hospitalized for four days for severe unresolved post-surgical pain 10 weeks after surgery. The IV pain meds made me vomit uncontrollably, so I was put on the anti-nausea patch for two days. It helped with the nausea and I took it off upon discharge today. When I got home, my son noticed I had one massively enlarged pupil, while the other one was normal. I'm so grateful I happened to see a site that mentioned that the anti-nausea patch could be the culprit because I was freaking out. Vision is a bit blurry, as well as light sensitivity. Hope it goes away in a day or two.
Peg on June 12, 2015:
I have severe Vertigo and for a year of my life I spent being so sick, throwing up and everything spinning counter clockwise I had to stay in a very dark quiet room finally after trying everything we went to the patches, that was 3 years ago and other than when I forget to change the patch I have not had a bout of vertigo. They work wonderful for me. I do not want to think about what will happen to me if I have to go off them.
Lisa on June 17, 2015:
So glad I am not the only one to have withdrawal symptoms! However, Dramamine and Bonnie make me so sleepy I would miss out on all of my cruise travels. The patch is the only thing that prevents my sea sickness and I do plan to continue using it. I never take the patch off immediately after a trip! I wear it for several days after and then take Dramamine to ease the symptoms after about 5 days or so.
Alexandra on July 10, 2015:
I was on a 7 day cruise in the Pacific and prone to Sea sickness. I used 3 patches and kept them on for the airline flights home and day after. They worked very effectively on the cruise and I was not bothered at all by sea sickness.
24 hours after removing the patch I woke up really ill from dizziness, migraine type headache, nausea. Could not stand up, blurred vision. I immediately went to the internist who diagnosed me with vertigo. Put me on antivert. This made me feel better, but all I could do was sleep. I missed a week of work after being on vacation which really wasn't good.
Finally went to balance therapy to be checked for BPV Benign Positional Vertigo. After going thru the head manoeuevre, I did not have that and looks to be withdrawal symptoms from the transderm patch. I am still bothered by it after 5 days. After this experience I would rather have dealt with sea sickness or just have used dramamine and the travel bands.
Delores on July 28, 2015:
Patches have always worked great for me, but I wish my doctor would have mentioned the possibility of withdrawal syndrome after using too long. Just returned from a month long trip across the country in an RV and felt great because of the patches. Every three or four days I removed and replaced with a new one, but after I removed the patch I can barely function due to nausea and dizziness. I would have much rather dealt with being car sick than having these withdrawal symptoms. Although I am very glad that others have shared their experiences so that I don't waste days and hours at the doctors. So far it's been a week and a half and I still have the symptoms.
Dee on August 1, 2015:
Tried Scopolamine gel, have to have a compounding pharmacist make it up. Didn't work as well as patch for fishing. Had zero side effects.... maybe someone with mild motion sickness but bad side effects could use??
Lynn on September 4, 2015:
The patch together this ginger tablets worked in preventing seasickness on a 6 day cruise. I used one patch for a day, replaced it as it wasn't sticking really well, and then another for another 2 days. I was careful to wash my hands after handling them. I had no side effects nor withdrawal symptoms. I tried 2 other OTC pills previously that didn't work, either because I was still seasick or they made me very sleepy. I would use it again for similar length trip in the future.
Ruth on September 16, 2015:
When I used the patch for an 11-day cruise, I suffered great side effects after taking the patch off. I found that wearing sea bands after taking the patch off helped with my dizziness and nausea. I used the patch for a 7-day cruise and the post patch side effects were not nearly as bad. It seems the longer you wear it the worst the side effects get. Next time I will cut the patch in half instead of using the whole patch. The side effects I experienced while wearing the patch include extreme dry mouth, dilated pupils, blurry vision, and dizziness. If I wear sea bands while wearing the patch my dizziness goes away. I get really bad motion sickness and I find that the sea bands work wonders combined with the patch.
Dick Meli on September 19, 2015:
I get severely sea sick the minute the boat starts to move and puke until I am back on shore. I used the patch several years ago when sailing in open ocean. With the patch, when in big waves and the hearty sailors were feeling a bit queasy, I could go below deck and eat a sandwich, immune to sea sickness. Got a bit of dry mouth and felt like cotton in the head at first, but for a week (two patches) it was wonderful. The patch went out of production for a while. I am going on a whale watch soon and found this site. Delighted to see that the patch is back!
Rosa on October 5, 2015:
Patch seemed to be effective during cruise but now it is 3rd day off it and I am suffering terrible dizziness, blurred vision, disorientation, tingling of hands and feet, sensitivity to light. I will not be taking this again.
ellynnyc on October 7, 2015:
Used the patch in the past with no problems, but now developed terrible itchy and oozing rash from it. Too bad because it worked really well.
Amanda on October 21, 2015:
I wouldn't recommend the patch. I used it for three days, and ended up with severe vertigo and depersonalization. Seven years later I still have it, they think it was a reaction to the patch.
William Ligon on November 3, 2015:
I heard from my Pharmacist that the Trans Derm Scop can also prevent the Norovirus? Is that true? Can't find any info on it.
Wanda Johnson on November 11, 2015:
I had a total knee replacement and was very sick, nauseated and throwing up after surgery. My doctor tried various pain pills and they all made me sick. Finally, he gave me the patch and it was like a miracle, I instantly felt better. I am at home still using the patch. It worked for me.
JerryL on November 30, 2015:
I used the patch for the first time on a 5 day cruise due to motion sickness. The patch worked great. However, I didn't know of the side effects after removing the patches. I will not use the patch again and will take the risk of motion sickness on the ship. Side effects are worse than motion sickness!
Holly on January 12, 2016:
I have worn these patches for quite a while. They are the only thing that helps my motion sickness. I always experience some mild rebound effects upon removing one that I have been wearing for several days, but I personally would never wear two or three of these back to back over the course of say a week. I just keep the same one on for more than 72hrs.
Ivette on January 24, 2016:
Last year I experienced and was diagnosed with vertigo (BPPV). After the episode of vertigo I've been with motion sickness for more than 8 months. I'm very frustrated that the only cure available for me is these patches. I haven't had any of the side effects mentioned here. Maybe is because this patches are meant for people who are ill and not for people to go on cruise ships. I've found that doing yoga shoulder stands have helped with the motion sickness. I'm off the patch right now and I'm looking for natural remedies for motion sickness. If someone knows some please leave a comment.
Patsy on February 1, 2016:
My 80 year old husband with Parkinson's disease was prescribed this to help control drooling. Within 12 hours he began to hallucinate, become incoherent, unable to sleep. He wanted to get a gun to shoot strange creatures. Awful, frightening. After removing the patch, it took 3 days for him to return to normal. What a terrible experience. Please consider this especially in the elderly.
Navy Man on March 3, 2016:
I have been in the roughest of seas. Cruises are a breeze and rarely does anyone get motion sickness People worry too much, Cruise ships aren't destroyers in 20 foot waves. Deep sea fishing can make people sick. Not me. A buddy used the patch and had zero problem on a 72 hour trip And man did we catch some excellent fish. I think very few people get side effects. Those that do post. Scopalamine has been proven safe and effective by the FDA. Use as directed. We drank loads of beer as well. Can't wait to go back in two weeks.
Bernadette on March 4, 2016:
Ivette I also have BPPV and have not taken medication for it. If you google, you will see the exercises that will stop the dizziness. At first I had to do them every day for a week, now the symptoms only reoccur maybe every 6 months or more and after only a few days of exercises the symptoms disappear. I originally went to an ENT who was proficient with BPPV and showed me how to do the exercises. Good Luck.
Alice on March 9, 2016:
Beware - I wore the patch for 12 days and then became violently sick on my 15 hour flight home. I could not sip an ounce of any liquid without throwing up. A wheelchair was needed to my connecting gate - dizzy, extremely weak. On my previous 7 days cruise with the patch I had no withdrawal symptoms.
Odette on March 31, 2016:
I wore the Transderm Scop patch over about 2 doses the first set of time, and was fine. The second set of time, though, I had added Abilify to my regular drugs, and that dilated an eye after the second dose. I took the patch off, and it resolved itself within 48 hours, but since I'm still taking Abilify, I don't feel comfortable using the patch anymore. It's too bad, because I have severe motion sickness, and the patch was the only thing that ever worked for me.
Erin on April 14, 2016:
I took a cruise last year and wore the patch the whole time. I took it off the day we got off the ship and couldn't function the next day due to dizziness, massive headache, and nausea. I was told by experienced cruisers that I had taken the patch off too soon and that I should've kept it on for another day or two. We just got off our most recent cruise yesterday and I kept the patch on (and still have it on today) because I'm terrified of not being able to function tomorrow for a wedding I am supposed to photograph (I'm a wedding photographer). I'm nervous that I'm not supposed to keep the patch on beyond the 72 hour mark (yesterday morning would have been the 72 hour mark). Does anyone have any insight into whether it's safe for me to keep this patch on through tomorrow night (which will end up being more than 48 hours past that 3 day mark)? Thanks in advance!
Katie on April 23, 2016:
I've found that using 1/2 a patch for a cruise delivers plenty of medication for an adult with no side effects once it falls off. I leave it on until it falls off on its own during the cruise and am ok with no motion sickness the rest of the time.
Ann on May 9, 2016:
I was given scolpomine before a surgery procedure. I usually wake up from surgery and get sick. This worked great. I also get sea sick, so I was prescribed this again. Wonderful! Not sick at all. Then I filled the prescription the second time and was so sea sick. I thought the package looked different but put it on with full confidence. So disappointed. What do you think happened ? I need the good stuff!
A on May 30, 2016:
I only wore the patch for about 12 hours till it made me feel horrible. Colors are way more vibrant and now very sensitive to light. Throat feels like it's hard to swallow. How long do these side effects last???
Debbie B on June 7, 2016:
Can you use the patch with the bioband?
Janelle on June 18, 2016:
I tend to take precautions when undergoing oral surgery so I use the patch to prevent any possible nausea since I also have to take pain meds that have nausea as a side effect. The first time I used it was when I got my wisdom teeth removed and wore it for all three days. It worked like a charm and I didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms. When I removed it, the only "side effect" was that the skin where the patch stuck to was a little bit itchy, but nothing unbearable. I am currently using another one since I just had another surgery yesterday and still feel fine. I did not cut the patch, I used the whole thing. Also I'm 17 if that matters.
Frank on July 5, 2016:
I am an avid fisherman, but subject to extreme sea-sickness. Began using the patches almost twenty years ago, and have had wonderful results with very little if any side-effects. Prior to trying the patch, I had used Dramamine and several other recommended "remedies" with no success at all.
Shiv on August 20, 2016:
Hey, where can I buy the transderm patch in India online?
Shell on September 6, 2016:
I had surgery on Sept 2nd, the patch was put on before surgery and I completely forgot about it for 4 days. I took it off once I noticed it. It's been off for a day. Today I throw up whenever I stand up, so I have to run to the bathroom. I have a fever too. I would not recommend anyone to take this... My doctors didn't tell me about the withdrawal symptoms. I got the blurry vision and disorientation as well after. My sight is somewhat better right now but I cannot stop throwing up. I had sinus surgery... So throwing up isn't recommended.
Deb on September 12, 2016:
Hi All, I recently went on a sailing trip (6 hours, rough seas) and was incredibly seasick. Contemplating medication for the next sailing expedition in the Caribbean. We race for approximately 4 hours and then have parties at night. Has anyone removed the patch, had several cocktails, and used another the following day? I will be on dry land aside from the 4-5 hours of racing and don't want to miss out on the parties. Any and all advice is appreciated.
casey on October 11, 2016:
Is there any way to help with eye dilation after using it and getting it in your eye? Or do you have to wait?
Sam on October 21, 2016:
Took this for a couple days at an amusement park for motion sickness. It worked well enough but upon removing it I soon had intense urinary pain that became a UTI, as well as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness. Not worth it.
Sue on October 26, 2016:
I used the patch for scuba diving for up to a month at a time the last 10 years without a problem other than dry mouth. Until last year. When I picked up the package, it looked slightly different than what it used to look like. I now get a very itchy, red rash immediately after putting it on. It is the only thing that helps for motion sickness for diving for me, so I have to continue to use it, but I'm taking it off at night for several hours just to give me some relief.
Ryan on January 5, 2017:
I used the patch going both directions from Canada to Australia and back (one patch per ~14 hour trip). In both cases, I had blurred vision at near-sighted distances for over a week. I also had dry mouth for the first couple of days, and had problems sleeping on the plane (and I was flying business class in a sleep pod). Also for that week afterwards, I felt I had sea-legs; it literally felt like the hotel I was staying at was swaying in the wind.
The kicker was that the patch didn't really do anything to help my air sickness (particularly when the plane tilted left and right). Needless to say, I won't be using the patch ever again. I've also tried Gravol in the past, but it also doesn't work well to ease air sickness, so I guess I'll just have to endure future flights without any medication at all.
Ann B. on January 16, 2017:
I have used this patch 5 or 6 times over the last 15 years. I used it whenever we go to Disney World. I am very prone to motion sickness and used to take Dramamine but it made me tired and still got sick sometimes. The patch is wonderful. No problems flying and I could go on any roller coaster or ride with no problem. Absolutely NO withdraw effects at all!! The only issue I have had the last 2 times I have used it is that my skin started to itch and I got sores, I'm suspecting from the adhesive and not the medication. I will be using it again for a week in a few days. I will take the patch off at night hoping to avoid a skin reaction.
Simply B on February 14, 2017:
I was put on the patch because my doctor was clueless as to why I was so ill (head pressure - fatigue / exhaustion - insomnia - migraines - dizziness - losing weight etc. ... ). I wore the patch less than a day - had severe side effects - extreme insomnia - dizziness - agitation - tremors - constant bladder pressure - lost balance - worst of all I lost the ability to stand / walk - my legs buckled from under me. All the doctor's office said to me was stop using it - they dismissed my symptoms - told me it takes 3 days for the effects to wear off. It took me MONTHS before I had some sort of balance back. Be cautious taking this med - especially if you are petite in nature and your physician doesn't know the root cause of your illness...
Diana on March 15, 2017:
I got the patch for a cruise because I was afraid of getting seasick. The first two days I was using the patch everything I ate or drank tasted very bitter, which is not good on a cruise when eating a drinking are what you do! All frozen cocktails tasted terrible. I was suspicious that it could be a side effect of the patch so I removed it. My taste went back to normal and I never felt seasick the remaining three days of the cruise. Has anyone else experienced this same side effect of everything tasting bitter while using the patch?
Chris on April 5, 2017:
I am extremely sensitive to motion sickness and I have used the patch on cruises and also for off-shore fishing. It is the only thing that works and it works great! Unfortunately Dramamine and Bonine just don't cut it for me and even when I start taking it 24 hrs in advance and again morning of the trip it does not work. But the patch works every time!
Chris on April 5, 2017:
I forgot to comment on side effects of the patch... blurred vision is the only thing I've noticed. I don't ever have any after effects... just a little blurred vision which is well worth it in my opinion.
Diana W. on April 17, 2017:
Never, Never again. The worst side effects. Dizzy, vomiting, nightmares, headache, heartburn, fatigue, blurred vision, dry mouth, sharp pain in left eye, suicidal thoughts, body aches, hyper, weird taste in mouth. Removed patch April 4, really how am I supposed to function like this...HELP!!!
Alison on April 22, 2017:
Be aware of all possible side effects before using this patch!!
I am a healthy petite 39 year old female, I used this patch for a 6 day cruise celebrating a family wedding. Day 1 I applied the patch, within 45 min I experienced extreme loss of vision, ended up having a seizure in front of my husband and children! Had to spend the night in ship hospital and as a result very high hospital bill. I was extremely disoriented, loss of memory and severe dry mouth. I missed the reception and it took the full vacation plus longer to recover. Remember I only had it on for 45 min!! I had CAT scans, EEGs and blood work upon returning everything came back fine. All reactions and symptoms were from this patch. I would not recommend this to anyone.
Christopher on May 26, 2017:
I get seasick easy and bad. First tried Scop 20 years ago on a kayak trip, just one patch. Worked well, but blurry eyesight and couldn't read a chart. Could taste and sense the powerful drug in me. Next time 17 years later on a sailing trip that normally would have incapacitated me, but I had no symptoms or sickness. I occasionally get vertigo now, and I hope the Scop still works for me. BTW, I would never take more than one patch.
Kila on June 1, 2017:
Can I use the patch while I'm taking Amoxicillin?
EE on June 6, 2017:
Have used the patch for sea-sickness on different occasions over many years with no bad side effects. I was extremely seasick on my first cruise and couldn't get out of bed, someone gave me one of the patches and within an hour I went up and ate. Never ever put a new one on the same side or you might become high as I was once. Also wash your hands after touching it or your eyes will dilate for a day like mine did once. My problem now is that my skin under it gets very itchy and irritated so I don't think I can use them anymore. I guess that's the end of cruising for me!
ryan on June 21, 2017:
Stevens Compound Pharmacy in Costa Mesa Ca. makes their own scopace pill. Works wonders. Still need a doctor's prescription.
GP on July 9, 2017:
I wore the patch for a 14 day cruise. I experienced some minor side effects like dry mouth and a strange, bitter taste in the mouth, but the patch was effective in preventing sea sickness. On the last day of the cruise, I removed the patch. 24 hours later I was on a flight, and the withdrawal symptoms hit. Extreme nausea and dizziness. I vomited constantly over the next twelve hours. I was sicker than I had ever been in my life. I could not keep down so much as a teaspoon of water. I was completely incapacitated. Desperate to feel better, I put the patch back on. Within three hours I was fine. Then I did some research online, and I learned about the severity of withdrawal from the drug. I called my doctor, and he suggested wearing the patch for another week to let the drug gradually diminish in my system. He prescribed zofran and meclizine to help with the withdrawal symptoms. As of this morning, I have worn the last patch for a week, and I have taken it off. I am now waiting for the withdrawal sickness to hit, and I have no idea how severe it will be. I have been instructed to take high doses of the meclizine for two days, and then gradually step back the dosage for 3 to 5 days, allowing my system to reboot without the drug. Wish me luck.
Linda on August 16, 2017:
Will patches interfere with my pacemaker?
Nina on September 21, 2017:
Perrigo announced FDA approval for a generic equivalent of Novartis' Transderm Scop patch on 31 July 2017. You should include information about this in the main article.
Lisa on November 17, 2017:
We are just finishing up a one month cruise. My husband has been wearing the patches the entire time. After reading the comments, I'm nervous about the withdrawal. Any suggestions on avoiding it?
Angw on December 2, 2017:
I was given the patch to wear behind my ear but after 2 days I noticed the area started to burn. I had my son look at the area. We had to remove it. The whole area where the patch was is swollen, hot and really red. Has anyone else had this problem?
Rosir on December 23, 2017:
I used the patch for motion sickness on a 7 day cruise. I used as directed. It was effective however I had horrible withdrawal for two weeks, I could not drive or work. Never again!
AMK on January 6, 2018:
I will NEVER use Scopolamine again! Nurse put it on me before surgery and no one told me to take it off. Had it on for 8 days with terrible dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, tingling in my toes and fingers and itching. Hard to concentrate on anything. I've had it off for 24 hours and same severity of issues. I am very depressed. I am a fitness instructor and now can't even leave my house. I found a 5 year old meclazine Rx and I'm going to take it to see if it helps. This totally stinks.
Avoid Side Effects on May 16, 2018:
I've used the patches on 15 separate Scuba trips and after the 2nd trip and facing the withdraw symptoms, I found that leaving the last patch on for 10 days totally eliminates the worst side effects. I suppose the dosage drops off slowly after day 3 and by day 10 the active ingredient is totally gone (but done very gradually). This is preferable to a sudden drop. Hope this helps other users.
Lisa on June 13, 2018:
I used the patch (correctly) for a cruise. I had several of the side effects while wearing the patch. I took the patch off on a Wednesday night. By 2pm Thursday I was sick. I have had several of the side effects but the worst has been tingling, weak arms and legs followed by heart beating irregular (feels that away anyways) when I move around much. I have to lay down and rest. I pretty much can't do anything. I am going on 13 days. Any suggestions? This mom does not have time for this!
Rachel on November 16, 2018:
I have used this patch many times in the past, but have recently had 2 bad experiences. One trip I could not see for 3 days of the trip after wearing the patch for a little over 8 hours. I assumed I got a bad patch because I have never had this happen in the past. I then tried again on another trip. This time I had horrible dry mouth and trouble swallowing solid foods. I have not eaten solids in 7 days. Beware!! It is awful!!
Louise on November 25, 2018:
Wondering if anyone has cut the patch in half instead of using the whole patch. I have experienced a few side effects with the whole one. Thinking cutting it in half might be a better plan for meó-is it possible?
Stephanie Wells on December 21, 2018:
my son uses the patch while we are out in Glamis riding and anytime we go deep sea fishing, he has no problems while using the patch nor after removing the patches, he has used them for a 10 day trip also with no side effects, sometimes the patch doesn't work if he doesn't put it on 4 hours before like recommended. I even gave a patch to a friend to use because she was getting so sick and she placed it behind her ear right before the ride and said it worked right away. I will always recommend!!
Jdm on May 13, 2019:
My husband wore the patch on a 6 day cruise and replaced it with a new one after the third day. He is suffering horrible withdrawal effects. Vomiting and fatigue.
Brenda on May 22, 2019:
I just returned from a 10 day cruise. I used the patch for a total of 12 days. I am experiencing severe side effects which are but not limited to - agitation, drowsy, lethargic, nausea, vertigo. It's been four days since I removed the last patch. I'm seeing my family doctor today, I've used this patch before on my other cruises and these are the worst side effects yet.
Steve on July 17, 2019:
Scopace... the pill form of scopalomine was withdrawn probably because the manufacturer of the patch wanted to make more $$$$. The patch has become very expensive and is almost never never covered by insurance. BUT... if you have a good formulary pharmacy around... not the CVS/Walgreens/Walmart variety but the local type (Hobbs pharmacy on Merritt Island is an example) they can make the pills for you with a prescription from your doctor. Seasickness "kills" my brother and the pills have saved his life. Believe the drug itself is generic but not picked up by any other companies yet... hence you have to use a formulary pharmacy that can get the powder. The other nice thing about the pill approach is you can have the pharmacy make the pills up in smaller doses so you can tailor the amount you take to what works by taking 1 vs 2 pills unlike the single dosage patch approach. Yes, the downside is if you retch it up before it gets in your system it's not going to work... but works great for my brother and I'm going to use it myself this way on a maiden voyage of a week on a 68 foot sailboat...

Finally, most formulary pharmacies will make this up for a fraction of the cost of the patch.
Kathy on September 15, 2019:
My son took off the patch yesterday morning and he is still experiencing blurry vision and pressure in the eyes. How long does this normally last? Thanks so much for your assistance.
Mary on September 22, 2019:
I read that you recommended cutting the patch in half. A pharmacist informed me to NOT CUT IT IN HALF as this makes the medicine come out all at one time. Wanted to pass this on.
Daniel Cook on April 20, 2020:
I have used the scopalamine patch several times w/o any issue. A couple days ago I used the patch for a proposed fishing trip. I had severe dry mouth, insomnia a few hours after affixing patch. When it was time to get up to go fishing I realized I couldn't walk a straight line. I would walk a but felt like I was going a different direction than I actually was going. This was a very bizarre reaction. My hand to eye coordination was gone. I felt disoriented. This seriously affected by sense of taste. Everything from food to drink tasted horribly bitter. I was also dizzy and ataxic. Now 2 days later I still feel slightly dizzy. This patch is bad news. Avoid it.
lee on December 4, 2020:
The patch has worked great amazing and wonderful for me. Dry mouth was the worst symtom. Most of the complaints posted here seem to be rather long usages. Read the label. It is not for children and should not be taken long term. Also guessing that most of the complaints are from cruise ships I would wonder the age and other perscription being used with this.
Connie on April 16, 2021:
The patch was put on me just to a surgery. I took it off as instructed carefully and washed my hands. Within hours I had horrible withdraw symptoms including lightheaded, headache, blurred vision, weak, dry mouth, irregular heart beat, feeling faint... I was miserable. I had it on approx 2.5 days from surgery ... it's day 8 now and still have symptoms... not as strong but still not able to do normal daily work and such... I get exhausted and have to catch my breath. I typically work out daily and run 3 mi a day so folding laundry shouldn't wear me out! Will NEVER use this patch again!!
PJ on March 24, 2022:
After the expiration date is the patch still effective and for how long?
CM on May 17, 2022:
The first time I used a patch was on a 5 day cruise and did not get sick. As soon as I disembarked, I removed it but got into the backseat of a van to drive to our next location. I did get very nauseous on that ride and probably should have left it on for that journey. Felt fine the next day.

My second usage was for cataract removal with multi vision implants. Did not get sick at all and took it off immediately when I got home.

My third usage was yesterday for a spinal injection. I got very ill but took a prescribed anti nausea pill which relieved the nausea but still had weakness and confusion along with dry mouth. I do believe however that I had a bad reaction because the anesthetist was not informed about the patch and probably should have reduced the amount of anesthesia. Also, they gave me the patch about 15 minutes before the procedure and from everything I read, it should be applied hours before.

In conclusion, after a nights sleep, I am feeling good this morning. I do believe these patches are beneficial if used properly.
Racer on September 5, 2022:
It's not coincidental - 3 times I've used the patch has resulted in blurry vision, loosing footing/ balance, headache, dry mouth, nausea and the absolute WORST is the unexpected, ZERO warning : diarrhea explosion !! All three times - 24 hours after applying the patch, explosion of diarrhea and unfortunately one time I was not near a restroom!
Many motion sensitive race car drivers advice:
Ocean Lover on March 10, 2024:
To avoid withdrawal symptoms, especially if youíve worn multiple patches, leave the LAST patch on for longer than 3 days. (A week plus or until it falls off.) As the amount of scopolamine left on the patch goes down, youíll get a lower dose each day, slowly weaning your body off it. Withdrawal symptoms are because you had a high level then quickly went to a low, then zero level. A frequent cruise ship traveler gave me that tip. Works for me.

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