About me

My name is Lucy and I absolutely love to travel.

I love to travel so much that I often get carried away when I'm planning and booking a trip and overlook one not-so-little problem: I can get really, really motion sick.

Sea sickness is my special adversary, but twisting roads always get me (unless I'm the one driving) and light aircraft and helicopters can be a problem too.

And it's not just me. My elder son has a particular intolerance for bus and coach travel - his specialty being to throw up just as we're reaching our destination (but just before we've had a chance to have gotten off the bus - nice!).

But like you (I'm guessing..., as you're reading this page!), I refuse to let motion sickness get in the way of me seeing some amazing places and having some fantastic experiences. Gondolas in Venice, traveling switchback mountain roads in India or taking a heli-tour over Maui - there are too many great things out there to let travel sickness get in the way.

That is why I've spent a lot of time researching anything and everything that might help combat / alleviate / prevent motion sickness in all its forms. I'm sharing this information in the sincere hope that you'll find something that works for you too. And let me assure you that there is almost certainly something that WILL work for you - be it behaviors to adopt, remedies to use, or medications to take.

Things about me

  • I have two kids, and they - fortunately - love to travel as much as my husband and I do. Especially if there's a pyramid, ancient tomb, ski slope or beach somewhere in the schedule!
  • I have been to 42 countries (and counting...) and, let me tell you, at some point I've needed to put my knowledge about motion sickness into action in pretty much every one of them.
  • I get seasick - really seasick. But my worst trip ever was a road trip, from the Taiwanese capital Taipei, over the mountains to the east coast province of Ilan. It was dark, there were a million switchbacks on that road, and I'd just arrived in the country after a 36 hour flight. The result? Absolute hell. To this day, I'm amazed I survived!


Please note that I cannot give advice on what treatments, remedies or medications might be of help to you personally. Everything I know is here on this website. I do not have medical training and would never presume to know what would be best for you and your particular situation. If you need advice or more specific information, please contact your medical professional. Thanks for understanding.