Bus/Coach Sickness Stories

Coach Sick on the Airport Bus

contributed by Jodi

My 6 year old son is just fine in cars and planes (don't know about sea sick as he hasn't been on boats much). But he gets really, really sick on buses and coaches.

This one time we were on route to the airport and he was doing great, kidding around with his sister. It was a two hour trip and he did fine right to the end, when suddenly he went all quiet and a bit pale. "Are you going to be sick?", we asked? "No", he said. Well, the coach was about 5 minutes from the airport terminal when he suddenly threw up all over the place. We grabbed a plastic bag and caught some of it, but it was still a real mess. Luckily, because we were going on a trip we had a change of clothes for him, and a big stash of tissues to clean up the mess. We did our best to clean everything up using the tissues and water from our water bottle. When we got off the coach the driver even thanked us. He said most people just walk away and leave it for him to do!

Since then I've tried to remember to get my son to take a Joy Rides pill before going on a bus or coach, but he hates to take then (I don't know why as they are tiny and you just have to let them dissolve in your mouth). But then I saw on this website that they have the same active ingredient as the patch, so now I'm thinking that we'll give up on those and try ginger pills, or maybe one of the essential oils. I'm also hoping that he'll grow out of getting motion sick as he gets older. He's a robust, healthy little boy in every other way.

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