Air Sickness Stories

Traveling with my Air Sick Daughter

contributed by Jess Thomas

I never really knew anything about air sickness till I had kids, then suddenly I got to know it real well!

It happens the same every time. We take off and she's fine. We level off and the seat belt sign goes off and she's fine. Then all of a sudden she's kind of tired and wants to lay her head on my lap or against my arm - and then without warning she vomits. It's at this point that all the other passengers look away and pretend we aren't there! I could tell that my daughter vomiting was making some of them feel really nauseous themselves. One lady across the aisle was holding her scarf to her nose and breathing through it.

The flight attendants have always been OK at helping out once they realize what's happened. Probably helps that it's a cute kid! After she's vomited and we've cleaned her all up she typically goes to sleep and is fine for the rest of the flight.

Now I know what happens I always carry a whole bunch of zip lock sandwich baggies (easier for a kid to use than the sick bags you get given on planes), baby wipes (the fragrance-free ones, she hates the smell of the others), hand sanitizer and - MOST IMPORTANT - a change of clothes, for her and for me too!!

I haven't ever given her anything against the sickness as I don't want to give her meds. But now I've read about ginger and other remedies I'll give them a try on our next flight.

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