Air Sickness Stories

The Worst Motion Sickness I've Ever Had

Contributed by Jennifer H.

I've had motion sickness since I was a baby (plane, bus, train, and car - unless I'm driving).

My parents had a cottage on a remote mountain and would put Gravol / Dramamine in maple syrup to get me to take it before they put me in the van and drove hundreds of miles over bumpy gravel roads. In those days, what made it worse was everybody smoked in those planes, trains, and automobiles.

As an adult, I can no longer take Gravol/Dramamine because, ironically enough, it makes me queasy.

I just took a 4.5 hour plane trip across Canada and experienced the worst motion sickness I've ever had. Right after take-off I was hit by waves of nausea so intense that I actually passed out (prior to passing out I was actually wishing I was dead). I awoke to hear the woman next to me frantically telling the flight attendant I was unconscious and vomiting. I wasn't even aware I had vomited (fortunately on myself and not on the ever-so-kind lady next to me). I was also sweating bullets, had turned gray, and the flight attendants were in a panic thinking I was having a heart attack.

So, the day before the return flight I had acupuncture done. Plus, I drank peppermint tea, wore acupressure wrist bands, acupressure-wrist-bands-and-bracelets.html and ate a whole box of Ginger People Crystallized Ginger Chews during the flight. I spent most of the flight with the front/top of my head pressed up against the seat in front of me, my eyes closed, and my hands holding the sides of my forehead. I think this posture helped my brain feel like my body was more grounded rather than flying through space. I did feel a little nauseous but despite some bad turbulence I didn't pass out or vomit this time. I'm not sure which of the above did the trick - maybe it was a combination.

Good luck to everyone else who experiences motion sickness. I know how miserable it is.

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