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Welcome to Motion Sickness Guru!

Your comprehensive resource for preventing, treating and beating motion sickness in all its forms.

There's an old saying: "When you first get motion sick you fear you're going to die... and then - as it goes on - you start to fear that you won't die!"

As anyone who has ever suffered the slightest twinge knows, motion sickness - on land, sea or in the air - is no joke. Symptoms range from the unpleasant, to the distressing, through to the truly hellish. Just the mention of motion sickness can frighten the most seasoned traveler.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to prevent motion sickness. And although no one way - not even drugs and medications - will work for everyone, there is most likely a treatment or remedy that will work for you.

Read on and find the best way for you to beat the misery of motion sickness!

Who are we? And why have we created this website?

We are passionate travelers who are unlucky enough to suffer from motion sickness (and in particular sea sickness). We know only too well how it can ruin a vacation and make even simple journeys a nightmare. Although we're not 'experts' on motion sickness (NB: it is important you realise that we have no medical training), we are always on the lookout for ways to make traveling more bearable, and over the years we've come up with a large amount of information and practical solutions. Our aim with this site is to bring everything we've learned together into one resource. We sincerely hope there is something here that helps YOU.


Pegy on July 2, 2015:
I suffer from motion sickness. Sometimes even when I drive I get it. Even some games I have tried to play give me motion sickness. I seem to take an extra day to fully recover.
Meg on August 4, 2015:
What a fantastic website. Even though I know a lot of this information by trial and error myself, there are more good tips for me to try. I have suffered from motion sickness all my life (45rys). It is something that has held me back from travelling many times. Thanks so much for putting this all together. You are a gem.
Basanta on October 26, 2017:
Is there any exercise process to prevent motion sickness permanently?

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